Mevantec S.L. is a recently founded enterprise located in Calpe, in the Spanish province of Alicante.

In our offer you will find high-tech products, which we have been researching and developing for many years.

One of our main products is the Polyurea. At Mevantec S.L. we have not only the state-of-the-art Graco machinery available in order to help you implement this component, but also our highly skilled technicians, who are here to guarantee the best services for our clients.

The Polyurea coating is applied hot by means of special two spraying equipment made of two components. The coatings have quick action and dry within few seconds. The result is a 2 mm thick, thin layer, which is extremely resistant and long lasting.

Advantages of using Polyurea:

Polyurea is a continuous, elastic, joint-free membrane, with high capacity to adhere to the substrate. It is also capable to adapt to the most irregular surfaces, to vertical as well as horizontal areas and ceilings.

Check our RAL catalogue for available colours.

If applied dry, it transforms into a slip-resistant material and can be coated with gresite or ceramic tiles.

As Polyurea dries very rapidly, it can be used almost immediately after the application.

The Polyurea can be used for various purposes and is ideal to waterproof and protect:

Your swimming pools, terraces, roofs, basements, gardens, drinking water reservoirs etc.

It is also a perfect way to protect your floors from the wear and tear, stress and chemical substances especially for:

Commercial premises, decking, boat protection, as well as to enable protection during loading trucks, trailers, off-road vehicles and lorries.Integral Swimming Pool Chalet Reparation

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Projection of Polyurea and coating by gresite.

The built-in swimming pool, with gresite coating had important water leaks, not only in the pool vessel, but also in the supply pipeline. This piping will be repaired inside the pool vessel with much less work and costs.


A polyurea projection will create a continuous membrane that covers all the vessels, including the new draining pipes. Totally leak proof.

The last polyurea coat is projected with aggregate in order to place the new gresite layer later on. Thanks to its perfect grip, it achieves a major durability of the coating along with being a flexible support.



The swimming pool is repaired with the least possible work, with coating chosen by the customer and provided with the 10-year warranty.